Kimi no Uso Episode 11 – Screenshots

Had to do a double take at the start of the episode to make sure I was watching KimiUso! This was a very heartfelt episode. Not only do we see Aiza’s raw emotions, but Kousei finally realizes that he’s a normal kid. The firefly scene had to be one of the most beautiful scenes all year. Not only were the visuals and music great, but the entire dialogue was beautiful as well!

Hiroko Kimi no Uso

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Psycho Pass S2 Episode 11 Screenshots

Well, it was short lived, but a fun ride. The second season of Psycho-Pass has come to an end. Definitely not the same quality as the first season, but still enjoyable. I was hoping for the story to actually move somewhere, but it feels like we’re exactly where we left off! Here’s looking forward to the movie anyways.

Akane judging Kamui

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Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Screenshots

Here we are, the end of the road. It was fun watching, reviewing, and screencapping Akame ga Kill on a weekly basis. We got a happy ending in the end, even if it came at a great cost. Everyone died fighting for what they believed in, and their dream finally came true. Poor Akame is the sole survivor of all of this and has to bear the burden of living on for all of them.

Akame Esdeath Mahapadama

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Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 10 Screenshots

Man, Souichirou completely stole this episode. Despite being a dull, boring old man, he knows how to pack a punch. Poor Saber is on the receiving end of everything. I swear she’s always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the Fate series. She’s always hyped up as the strongest class (or one of) but she never really overwhelms her opponents.

Archer Betrayal

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Kimi no Uso Episode 10 Screenshots

So many beautiful moments this week. Arima finally finding peace with his mother and burying the spiteful emotions he was carrying. My heart was beating at the end of his performance, just like the audience. With such beautiful build up music, his innocent message to Kaori, and seeing his mother smiling made it such a perfect episode!

Arima Kousei Giving up

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Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Screenshots

Sibyl seems rather incompetent at this point. Instead of dealing with Kamui ages ago, they let him wander around and now he’s at this point. Instead of turning off stolen dominators (from the deceased inspectors…), they leave them on just because. Either way, enjoy the screenshots of the second last episode!

Akane Dead Eyes Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10 Reaction

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Kiseijuu Episode 11 Screenshots

While best girl Kana gets a decent amount of exposure this episode, her spotlight is stolen by the majestic Izumi. Shinichi not only swoops Kana off her feet (in her dreams), but he lays a smooth one down on Murano in the second half of the episode! I guess Kana is out of luck since, in all anime universes, the best girl never wins.

Kana Heart Broken Parasyte

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Akame ga Kill Ep 23 Screenshots

Well, Whitefox really had the balls to do it. They just up and killed the main character. At least Tatsumi went out like a bad ass. He didn’t die to Esdeath, or the capital’s torture, but instead he died like a superhero (literally). There’s only one more episode, and at this point, I’m a bit scared of who will die for the finale…

Akame ga Kill Emperor vs Tatsumi

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