Summer 2013 Anime Season: What am I watching? (Part 1)

The summer season is well underway already but I decided I would post what I am currently watching from this season as well as some of my general thoughts on the series so far. I’m actually quite amazed that I am keeping track of so many series!

Blood Lad

Overall I find it to be an enjoyable series. It has a great cast of voice actors and a unique animation style that makes it stand out from the other shows. Mix of action and comedy with a slight hint of a harem or romance brewing.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

I haven’t been enjoying this series all that much. I feel that I would have had to have played the games in order to understand the story or plot better. Aside from that, the animation and music are pretty good.


Another anime based off of a game. I’d say its pretty entertaining but the pacing and overall character development feels weak. We’re given all these characters with almost no backstory of who they are or why we should care for them and they just end up killing each other.

Fate Illya

I’ve watched the other Fate series from type-moon and am overall pretty satisfied with this one as well. The animation studio is different from the previous ones but Silver Link managed to do a great job with the fighting scenes as they were well animated. The opening and ending songs are also one of my favorites from this season.


Oh boy, a bunch of childhood friends who share the same passion for swimming. Most people took this anime as a joke but I think were shocked by how enjoyable it is. The animation, comedy, and overall feel of the anime makes it an entertaining series in the end.

Gatchaman Crowds

The animation style for this is quite unique. However, I feel it suffers from the same problems as Danganronpa where I don’t really care or know any of these characters.

Genshiken Nidaime

I caught up on the past seasons of Genshiken when I found out there was a new season coming about. While I’m saddened that the original characters are no longer the main focus, Genshiken still manages to have very deep character development.

Gin no Saji

I picked this up on a whim and am definitely glad I did! The opening and endings for this show are very catchy and always puts me in a good mood when I hear them playing. This anime hits close to home where Hachiken moves out in a quest to find himself and what he wants to do with his future.

High School DxD New

This was probably my most anticipated anime for the season. I hopped into the first season basically expecting fanservice but received a lot more. I never thought I would be so drawn into the plot of an ecchi anime as well as the characters.

Continued in part 2…

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