Fall 2013 Anime Season: Pre-Air Impressions (Part 1)

So for this post I guess I’ll just post what anime I plan on following in the upcoming fall season and what my initial thoughts are after reading the synopsis and watching any previews.

Tokyo Ravens – I’m not familiar at all with this series but I really like the art style that they have for it. I feel that this will be a pretty generic shounen anime which I don’t mind watching every so often. It also has Hanazawa Kana as the main female lead so I’m sure it’ll be a decent series overall.
Walkure Romanze – Don’t have much to say about it besides it looks like an ecchi, comedy, and harem series. Not really fond of their character designs but this type of series is my guilty pleasure where I can just turn my brain off and enjoy the ride.

Coppelion – Sounds kind of like a post apocalyptic series but the main reason why I’m watching it is because it is being produced by GoHands (K Project, Seitokai Yakuindomo) which means it is likely going to be visually stunning. On top of that it has Hanazawa Kana again as part of the main cast and Tomatsu Haruka which are both voice actors that appear in a lot of anime I have enjoyed.

Kyoukai no Kanata – Picking up this series mainly because its by KyoAni. The preview also managed to get me pretty hyped up with their choice of music as well as gorgeous animation and nice character designs.

IS: Infinite Stratos S2 – Watched the first series and they have a very likable cast of characters. I personally don’t care much for the story since I found it pretty weak in the first season but I wouldn’t mind watching 20 minutes a week of just the characters interacting with each other.

Kill La Kill – I’m diving into this one because of the hype train that I’ve been seeing around forums and discussion boards. Being produced by Trigger who are composed of some very well established staff makes it quite an anticipated series. The anime also has a very unique art style as seen in the preview. The premise sounds pretty generic but I don’t mind another action based fighting shounen series.

Golden Time – From the creator of Toradora is another romance comedy series. However, I feel that this one will stand out a bit more due to it being in an adult setting (university/college) rather than your typical high school love story.

To be continued in part 2…

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