Summer 2013 Anime Season Wrap Up (Part 1)

With the summer season coming to an end, I will be posting my thoughts on the series that I have watched and how my impressions of them changed as the season progressed. I’ll post my thoughts in batches so I am not too overwhelmed by the time the last show finishes airing and also so the wall of text is a bit smaller. With that said, here are my thoughts on the series that have already concluded!

Blood Lad

I personally enjoyed this story since comedies are one of my favourite genres when it comes to anime. After reading the synopsis, it had some clear similarities to Maou-sama that had just finished airing in the previous season so I was expecting a pretty similar feel. What I got from Blood Lad was an interesting cast of characters with their own quirks and quite a bit of good old shounen like action. They make quite a few references to other popular series throughout the show which are hard to miss since they were usually big shounen series. I was a little saddened with the ending of the series since it ended on a cliffhanger right as things were really picking off. More was revealed about Fuyumi’s past, and Braz began putting his plan in motion. I’m hoping for a second season in the future to at least resolve this arc since I’m not expecting the OVA to be anything other than a bonus fan service episode as I don’t believe 1 episode will be enough to cover the rest of this arc. Overall, it was a pretty good series that definitely kept me entertained but due to having only 10 episodes, it left a lot to be desired since it definitely did not “feel” like an ending.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Another shorter series of the season, only having 10 episodes. There was nothing really unique about this series since it was just characters from the Fate series being put into your generic magical girl story. Even the main theme’s or message of the show was your generic “friendship is valuable”, or “work together as a team”. However, what I did find really enjoyable about this series was the music (both OP and ED were very catchy), and overall it had good animation (fight scenes were very detailed and well done). With that said, my main reason for watching this show was simply to see more of the Fate universe cast since many of the characters weren’t well fleshed out in the original Fate/Stay Night series.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog and Scissors)

Oh boy was this one crazy series. It started off with an interesting set up where the main character is killed and revived as a dog. Rather than doing the generic and expected thing where somehow there is a way or possibility to bring them back to life as a human, they decided to just run with the situation completely. There was some trace of a plot within the first 2 or 3 episodes but after that it just converts completely into a gag and over the top action series. You have these top authors who for some reason end up fighting with supernatural weapons or competing against each other in writing contests using their secret writing techniques. I didn’t really find the comedy that effective for this series since they literally recycle the same gags multiple times per episode, every episode. They have the masochistic editor who will do something silly until she gets stomped on or cut, the sister who is obsessed with making her brother curry, the shy girl who constantly wants to kill herself, flat chest jokes, and the singer who makes a big appearance and then gets carried off by her bodyguards. Despite this anime having no real direction, I still did not mind completing the series since I actually liked some of the characters (Maxi mostly) and it was nice to just watch how ridiculous it was in the end. In the end, this series was a decent way to kill time while waiting in between my other series but I probably won’t revisit it any time soon.
I will continue to post more thoughts later on in the coming weeks as more series from the summer season come to an end.

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