Summer 2013 Anime Season Wrap Up (Part 2)

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi’s amazing attention to detail in their scenes

Another week has passed by and more series have ended. Approximately half of what I was following in the Summer 2013 anime season has now ended and overall I feel that this season was rather enjoyable with a lot of strong series. Continuing on with my thoughts on these series, please be warned that there may contain some spoilers about the series so read with caution!

Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Gin no SajiI picked this series up on a complete whim since I had nothing else lined up for my Wednesdays but this soon turned into one of my favourites of the season. A story about a boy who does not know what to do with his future and is continually feeling pressured by his family and society. He decides to escape far away to a farming school where he adapts to a completely new lifestyle and adjusts to a life he never even knew existed. Gin no Saji always manages to enlighten me on things I often take for granted. While it definitely is a very laid back/relaxing series, it does have quite a few touching moments (Hachiken’s frustration with his family’s pressure, Pork-Bowl). The last note for this series is that the ending song really manages to brighten my mood every time it begins playing since it’s so up beat and catchy, making it hard to not hum along.

Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro MosaicAnother series I picked up randomly based on the buzz in the discussion boards I read. I went in expecting cute girls doing cute things and that is exactly what I got. It does have a somewhat unique feel to it with the cast of characters involving two foreign girls living in Japan. The fusion of their cultures leads to many entertaining mishaps and situations.Being based on a 4-koma, each episode consists of multiple gags or segments which keeps it fresh being fast paced, not dwelling on the same “story line” for extended periods of time. Coming in to this series with literally zero expectations helps keep my mind clear and just appreciate the ride much better.


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

This series really surprised me since once again, I did not have any background on it and was actually a little skeptical with it having the fantasy genre tag. I feel like this was the most visually stunning anime of the Summer season. The background and general scenery of this series were so detailed with bright and vibrant colours that made it amazing to watch. The concept of the show was rather interesting and eerie with the dead and the living being mixed with each other and having the ability to co-exist while being difficult to differentiate between them. A couple of arcs were also quite unsettling with the environment and mystery surrounding the cities. The ending of the third episode was also unexpected for me and filled with emotion which makes me consider it one of the best endings to an episode I’ve seen. While this series does have a lot of great aspects to it, I felt that some of the arcs in the middle were quite weak and made me lose interest mid way through the series. The school arc I thought had a completely irrational conclusion and the grave digger arc was rather dull. Aside from that, this anime was definitely one of my favourites of the season, especially with the ending song making the episodes endings almost always seem perfect.

High School DxD New

I was excited to see my guilty pleasure series get another season. Overall it was a solid season but I felt that it did lack a bit in some aspects. The first being the main antagonists or villains in New did not seem quite as “villain-like” as they did in the first season. This is probably because most of them get wiped out pretty handedly by an overpowered character. The villains also didn’t have much of a back story or build up to them since they kind of just appear at the last minute and explain their motive rather than have a build up (like Riser last season). However, they did manage to introduce quite a few new characters this season to help lead the story to bigger events in the future (season 3 pls) and develop Issei’s relationship with his club members/harem. While this season didn’t quite capture my attention like the first one did, I appreciate it for continuing the story and hopefully leading it up to future seasons where things get more intense.

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