Fall 2013 – Week 1 Thoughts and Impressions

Alright so I’ve been pretty busy with classes this past week, watching League of Legends World Finals, and climbing the ladder in League as well. I’ll continue posting recommendations and other content once I clear up my assignments in about two weeks time. Anyways, I did manage to watch most of the shows I wanted to this week.

For the most part it’s far too early for me to have a solid impression or opinion on the shows since I didn’t really find anything managing to impress me on the first episode. I usually don’t start developing attachment to characters and shows until about half way through the season (unless its a sequel). The opening and endings are alright for the shows but I don’t find them to be as catchy as last seasons’.

Kill La Kill – This was quite hyped up by the community since many people loved the staffs’ previous work and it was Trigger’s first full anime series. My first thought on this series was that it is pretty freaking crazy. I’m not really a big fan of the art style but I guess it fits for the overall theme and style of the show. It also reminds me quite a bit of Medaka Box (which was one of my favourite series) with Mako resembling Shiranui. It also has a ton of shounen action and tropes and I guess is a kind of parody of the genre. Overall, I like this series but I don’t think it’s as mind blowing as many are claiming it to be.

White Album 2 – I’m not familiar with the previous series but I kind of get a Da Capo like feel from it. It was refreshing that the main male lead can actually handle talking to women and overall seems to be a pretty strong willed person. What surprised me the most though was the White Album song being sung by one of the characters. The ending of the first episode was one of the most memorable and impactful scenes I have seen in a while as the song was beautifully done and the choreography of the scene fit very well. I’m actually excited for the rest of this series based on that first episode alone.

Those are the only two shows so far that really stuck out for me so far (Strike the Blood and Infinite Stratos S2 were actually pretty entertaining as well). There are still plenty of other more hyped series coming out in the following days. I picked up probably too many series this season for me to actually keep up with while doing all my other stuff so I may actually have to drop some. Currently considering dropping Log Horizon or putting it on hold since I’m not fond of the art style, music (OP/ED), or the whole premise and characters. I’ll probably also put Little Busters! Refrain on hold as well since I didn’t like the first season and I dislike most of their story arcs. I’ll try to keep up with weekly or bi-weekly posts summing up my thoughts on all the anime I’ve watched in the past week.

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