Fall 2013 – Week 2 Thoughts and Impressions

Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai

I finally managed to find the time to catch up on the majority of my anime this week. With the second week now pretty much over, I managed to start every fall series I had planned on watching originally. Overall, I found that most of the shows that started in the second week were more entertaining to me compared to the ones that started airing last week. From the series that aired last week, I found most of them to be more enjoyable after getting more into the stories and characters in the second episodes.

I personally didn’t find Kyoukai no Kanata interesting which is probably because of my personal dislike for the characters. Maybe its because of Mirai being overly shy, or Aki’s obsession over her but it feels too similar to KyoAni’s other shows. I’m sure that the source material isn’t far off from this but I think that it would have been more impactful to me if the show had a more serious tone rather than trying to be cute.

I feel that Nagi no Asukara resembles your typical shoujo with a love triangle between the girl and I really don’t want to watch the inevitable drama. Their society on the other hand does seem pretty interesting so I hope they go further into that rather than the romance (since this is a two-cour show).

Coppelion seems a bit off still for me, it might just be the whole atmosphere of the show that is making it difficult for me to get into. They also tried to pull off some emotional scenes but I didn’t feel that they were impactful due to how much the main character’s personality changed from the first episode (Seemed like a bad ass girl who knew what she was doing, into a very emotional “person”) . I can see that they were likely trying to develop the characters more by showing that they can experience human emotions but I felt that it was overall too rushed and too early to be doing something like this.

Tokyo Ravens – I personally loved the art and animation style despite a lot of negative criticism by many fans towards the CGI used. I’m still not exactly sure whats going on with the story but it had me hooked after being introduced to the characters. Hopefully it either focuses on the romance or the action for the series since I very rarely find a series able to execute both properly. The music for the opening and ending are one of my favourites from this season and I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll – I was a little put off by the somewhat more historic setting at first as well as the art style for the characters. I thought Yaya’s face looked a little off and Raishin looked a little bit dull/generic. However, this series reminds me a lot like the manga Tora-Kiss with what seems like a school ranking system and battling with familiars. Even though Yaya appears to be so carefree, I can’t help but feel that there is something dark about her past (or Raishin’s).

Well that is it for my thoughts this week. I watched a lot of other series but don’t feel like I have enough of an opinion to post my thoughts on them yet. If you missed my last post on week 1 of Fall 2013, you can check that out HERE.

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