Fall 2013 – Week 3 Thoughts and Impressions

With week 3 of the Fall season now pretty much coming to a close, I have to say that most series are starting to shape up and take form of what we can continue to expect from them. I’m finding myself enjoying series that I previously had written off and becoming more engaged in their worlds.

Samurai Flamenco – While this is only on its second episode, I can already tell it will probably be one of my favourites. Masayoshi’s character is just really likeable to me with how optimistic and innocent he is. It’s also a nice contrast from Hidenori’s more pessimistic and realistic attitude. I really enjoyed how Masayoshi was trying to prevent miniscule crimes that seemed to be just unnecessary (throwing garbage out in the morning, don’t steal umbrellas) but they ended up causing real problems for some people (himself). While the series is still starting off, I really enjoy the focus on small crimes or rule breaking as it gives the whole series a more light hearted feeling. However, I think it’ll probably escalate further and dealing with more serious and big crimes (gangs, drugs, etc.). In the end though, I just hope they keep it to somewhat realistic situations (no super powers or crazy technology) since I got the “ordinary” feel from the series based on the initial description, “This is a story of love and justice presented by the creators who failed to be adults for those “grown-ups” who don’t want to be adults either…..”.

Nagi no Asukara – After the first 2 episodes I felt that it was going down your typical romance love triangles/square route. However, episode 3 was quite refreshing where Hikari starts acting a little more mature after his sister’s issue. They also revealed more about Tsumugu and his grandpa’s characters that were quite intriguing (Grandpa having Sea characteristics and Tsumugu’s fascination with the sea). It looks like next episode will also likely be focused on the little girl’s problem rather than the romance which I look forward to (I’d rather have the romance come at the end after the world and characters are properly developed).

White Album 2 – This series has managed to keep me entertained and amazed at how natural the characters feel as well as the soundtrack. The girls seemed to have identified or be aware of each other as love rivals in the near future but they still act like rational people. Things also seem to be progressing a bit slowly since I’m assuming the cultural festival would fall towards the end of the season leaving them only 2 weeks to animate in total. Episode 3 was also really well directed since you could infer traits and information about the characters from little things within the scenes. The way characters moved their eyes while talking or the slight movement of their fingers caught my attention while watching and helped me understand them more.

Strike the Blood – Again, similar to White Album 2, I really like how the characters interact with each other. Himeragi’s character while shy and kind of socially inexperienced but still manages to converse naturally with Kojou. Their whole relationship dynamic is just entertaining to see with both of them being rather inexperienced. The ending of episode 3 though was quite a memorable scene with Himeragi being have covered with the blood of Kojou while holding his severed head. While the series was pretty light hearted to start off with it quickly took a dark turn. They did mention how Kojou was immortal at the start of the episode so it is likely he’ll be back soon.

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