Fall 2013 – Week 4 Thoughts and Impressions

I can’t think of anything this week that really stood out to me but I’ll still comment on a few series this week.

 Golden Time – Things are starting to heat up for this series with a little more of Banri’s past being revealed. While I do enjoy this series overall, I can’t help but feel that Banri’s confession to Kouko came rather abruptly. While they did spend some time together, it just overall felt more like friendship between them despite the hints being dropped about Banri’s feelings. I just hope that they make use of this early confession to develop the characters more since this is a two cour show. I couldn’t see them getting together this early (especially with Kouko’s obsession with Mitsuo) but this is likely a catalyst for them to grow and mature so they can decide what they really want. Hopefully the confession to a vulnerable Kouko doesn’t strain their relationship dynamics since it was nice watching them interact so casually.

NouCome – I don’t know if its just my sense of humour but this show is pretty hilarious to me. All of the characters are likeable and the premise is just silly. I feel that they did a really good job with executing their gags and humour. While I’m not expecting any major development or story, I hope it continues to amuse me for the rest of the season.

Nagi no Asukara – This continues to improve in my books. While I was originally put off by Hikari’s irrational character, he did show some maturity in the last 2 episodes. They introduced the romance conflicts early on in the series but I’m glad that they took focus away from it in order to explore the world and other characters further. Since this is another P.A. Works production, I’m thinking that it will go down a similar route as Hanasaku Iroha and all of the characters will get their spotlight.

For my other Fall 2013 shows, I’ve put Log Horizon, and Little Busters! on a temporary hold since I just couldn’t find any interest in the shows. Log Horizon’s main character design was just plain for me and I’m not really in the mood to watch another generic shounen series. Without any real consequences for them, I feel that they didn’t even need the trapped in a game premise. I know that a lot of people are really enjoying this series though so I’ll probably pick it up after a few more episodes come out so I can watch an entire arc at once. I’m planning on doing the same with Little Busters!, to wait for enough episodes to be out so I can feel the full emotional impact at once.

Lazy battle animation in BlazBlue

BlazBlue has also lost some of my interest. I’m not really following the story and the one thing I was expecting from a fighting game adaptation wasn’t even present. The fight scenes were non-existent in the second episode where you just see lines rather than them clashing. Coppelion also lost my interest as well since it seems pretty episodic and I don’t really see where everything is leading us towards.

Aside from those shows, I’m also considering picking up Kyousou Giga based on what I’ve been hearing about it. The artstyle also interested me at first but I didn’t have the time originally to watch it.

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