Fall 2013 Anime – My Top 5 OP and ED songs

I thought I would just do a quick post now that the season is well underway, and list off my favourite songs from the Fall 2013 season. There is a link at the end of the post where you can find the full version of most anime songs!


Jikman’s Top 5 Fall 2013 OP

5. Sekai de Ichiban – “Beautiful Dreamer”, by Kyoko Narumi

4. NouCome – “S・M・L☆”, by Afilia Saga (Full version, 01/12/2013)

3. Samurai Flamenco – “Just One Life”, by SPYAIR

2. Valvrave S2 – “Kakumei Dualism”, by T.M. Revolution x Nana Mizuki

1. Tokyo Ravens – “X-encounter”, by Maon Kurosaki

This was pretty tough for me to rank and pick my top 5 since there are really a lot of great OP songs this season. A close runner up for 5th place would have to be Unbreakable Machine-Doll’s OP for me as well. Coppelion’s OP is also a close runner up after Unbreakable Machine-Doll for me (I always really enjoyed ANGELA’s music)


Top 5 Fall 2013 ED

5. Nagi no Asukara “Aqua Terrarium”, by Nagi Yanagi

4. Golden Time – “Sweet & Sweet CHERRY”, by Horie Yui

3. Samurai Flamenco – “Date TIME”, by Mineral Miracle Muse (updated link 01/12/2013)

2. Valvrave S2 – “REALISM” by ELISA (Updated link as of 11/11/2013)

1. Kill La Kill – “Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai”, by Miku Sawai (Updated link as of 11/11/2013)

Again this season had a lot of great OP and EDs so it was difficult to just pick 5 but I found these ones to be my favourites. Some catchy ones that I enjoyed but didn’t include on this list include Infinite Stratos 2, Sekai de Ichiban, and Outbreak Company’s ED.

My list just consists of the Fall 2013 anime that I’m currently watching. I’m always looking to expand my playlist though so if there’s anything that I’m missing (you can check my myanimelist profile) feel free to let me know! If you’re interested in downloading anime music in general, I recommend this site, since this is where I get most of mine from.

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