Fall 2013 Anime Season – Mid-Season Thoughts Part 1

Now that we’re more than half way through this Fall 2013 anime season, I thought I would share my now semi-informed opinion about the shows that I am currently watching. I’ll probably divide this up into 2-3 separate posts since I have around 20 series that I’m currently watching.

blazeblue episode 5

BlazBlue Alter Memory – I’ve lost most interest in this series at this point. I felt that we were introduced to a ton of characters but we never really got to know any of them or who they were. This left me in a confused state where I can’t even remember character names as well as where they came from again. In addition, I think that this show tries too hard to force comedic and fanservice moments at bad times. I also still have no idea what the story or direction is for this series.

coppelion episode 6

Coppelion – Another series that I was initially interested at first, but began to quickly lose interest. While I enjoy the art, animation, and music of the show, I feel like the overall story has a clear lack of direction. I’m currently about 6 episodes in and as far as I’m concerned, the story is that there was a nuclear accident, these modified people have to save random guys who are stuck in the contaminated area.

freezing vibration episode 1

Freezing Vibration – I marathoned through the first season a few months before this started airing so I went into it pretty fuzzy on what happened. I was initially confused as to what was going on because of this but I think for an ecchi series, it does have some pretty decent fight scenes as well as decent story. My main issue with this series though is Kazuya’s character. For a main character he doesn’t really seem to stand out or do anything (minus playing a role in the Louis/Siblings arc). I actually completely forgot about him during the E-Pandora arc and I can’t even remember if he was even some of the episodes.


Galilei Donna – I think the most enjoyable part of the show for me are the characters. Each sister has their own distinct personality and it’s interesting to see them having to work and live together while their personalities and views clash with each other. We also started getting a peak at Roberto’s and Cicinho’s backstory which I found interesting since those events molded them into the people they are today. Aside from that though, I felt that a lot of the stuff that happens in this show doesn’t seem to make any logical sense. There was one part where Hochibi fell from a 10 storey building and somehow ended up with your typical anime “cold symptoms”. Also the fact that the pirates and Roberto are so fixated on the Galileo Tesoro but they kind of just stop pursuing them for whatever reason and then attempt again the next episode. With that said though, the series did take a darker turn in recent episodes so I’ll continue watching this one closely to see how they play out the rest of the story.

golden time banri kouko

Golden Time – This is probably up there as one of my favourite series of the fall 2013 anime season. I think that Tada Banri and Kaga Kouko are rather interesting characters with some obvious flaws and weaknesses. Banri lacks a sense of identity due to his accident and even prior to it (in the flashback in episode 6) it seemed like he had a fear of being forgotten or left behind by his classmates and Linda. Kouko on the other hand is a pretty girl who people are afraid of approaching due to the fear of being shutdown. As a result, she’s developed a lot of social issues and developed an obsession with Mitsuo since he was the one person that still talked to Kouko like a normal person. With this being two-cour (and the light novels are still on going), I hope we get a conclusive ending or more series in the future to wrap up the entire story like what they did with Toradora!.

infinite stratos s2 harem

IS: Infinite Stratos 2 – I’m not even going to pretend that this series is deep or meaningful in anyway. This is a series that you watch for the girls, silly jokes/gags and to see how dense Ichika can possibly be. While there seems to be some kind of story with Madoka and Chifuyu, that’s only a fraction of the series air time. The other 95% or so of the show is basically dedicated to Ichika and his harem time which I’m not complaining about. I think that in general, the last 5 minutes of the episode will be dedicated to the actual plot (while ending on a cliffhanger), and then like the first 2 minutes of the next episode will resolve the plot from the previous episode and the rest of the time in between is harem time.

valvrave l-elf

Valvrave S2 – I feel that this season of Valvrave is just as crazy as the first one which is a good thing. I find the writing and dialogue in this show to be ridiculous which makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch. The overall direction for the series is really well executed as well with the soundtrack and how they direct the scenes. Even if I find myself laughing at something ridiculous L-Elf says, I’ll be hyped up within the next few minutes due to the amazing soundtrack and adrenaline filled scenes that just capture your attention.

kill la kill ryuuko senketsu

Kill La Kill – I initially didn’t really buy into the hype train surrounding Trigger and this series. I saw it as an over the top shounen that didn’t take itself too seriously (similar to Medaka Box). While I still think thats the case, I must say that the last 3 episodes (5, 6, & 7) really improved my impression of the series. Rather than just mindless fighting while cracking jokes, we got to see a lot more character development from the cast. Ryuuko’s bond with Senketsu and Mako, and Sanageyama’s determination to improve himself really impressed me. The soundtrack for this series is composed by none other than Sawano, Hiroyuki (Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown) which really makes the viewing experience a lot more enjoyable with his amazing music.

That concludes the first part of my Fall 2013 anime season: mid-season thoughts. Be sure to check back, or follow my blog for future posts and the rest of my mid-season thoughts! Also if you haven’t already, you can check out my Fall 2013 weekly thoughts and impressions here:

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