Fall 2013 Anime Season – Mid-Season Thoughts Part 2

I’ll be continuing off from where I left off in my last post with my mid-season thoughts on the Fall 2013 anime season.

kyoukai no kanata episode 6 song

Kyoukai no Kanata – It’s an alright show in my opinion, but I’m not really a fan of the whole supernatural element of this series. My favourite episode was probably the pop group vs the slime in episode 6 where it reminded me of the types of shows that KyoAni excels at. Aside from that I don’t really have any other thoughts on it since I’m kind of just going along with the flow for this series to see where it will take me in the end.

little busters refrain episode 7 rin

Little Busters! Refrain – I’m enjoying this a lot more than the first season. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I enjoyed the original Little Busters members a lot more (and Kurugaya) which this season focused on more. The main thing I disliked about Little Busters! overall was the story writing. I just found that the stories for most of the routes back in the first season as well as this season were just hard to take seriously with how extreme some of them were (A school has students who are depressed due to a past trauma so they must send one of their cheerful students to fix the atmosphere). I understand that they wanted to develop each new member’s character by having a really tragic story so the viewers could connect with them, but I personally couldn’t take these situations seriously and all emotional impact was lost for me. I know that there was a lot of buzz with the Refrain part of Little Busters! (rivaling Clannad & After Story), but I feel that the story writing is significantly weaker for Little Busters.

Log horizon episode 2

Log Horizon – I watched the first 2 episodes for this series but it didn’t manage to capture my attention so I’m quite behind now since its not on my priority watch list anymore. It’s written by the same person who did Maoyuu Maou Yuusha which I didn’t enjoy either (found it a bit bland). I’m not really a fan of the character design of the main character as well, he just seems rather plain (which can be a good thing for some people). I think I was expecting more about a virtual game world from this series but to me it just seems like your standard shounen fantasy world since they’ve pretty much accepted that this fantasy world is now their “real world”. Despite not being into it currently, I don’t think its a bad series necessarily and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it more once I get more involved in the characters and story.

unbreakable machine doll episode 6 yaya

Unbreakable Machine-Doll – Another high ranking fall 2013 series for me personally. I found the premise interesting with puppets and puppeteers doing battles but the series itself has some darker aspects to it too which lead me to believe that the story can go a lot deeper. Raishin is pretty much one of your generic shounen main characters who never backs down despite how weak they are but at the same time his determination is admirable. While he is cold to Yaya at times, he still cares a lot about her (and everyone else around him) and will basically try his best to help those around him. I’m disappointed though that this series is only 12 episodes long. We’re practically half way through the season and we’ve barely uncovered any of Raishin’s past since we’re still being introduced to the characters and world building.

monogatari senjougahara

Monogatari Series: Second Season – Although this is a summer 2013 leftover, I’ll include it here anyways since its still ongoing. I enjoyed the previous seasons of the Monogatari series but I didn’t really like how this season started off. I’m personally not a fan of Hanekawa and I thought we would get to see more Hachikuji in the time travel arc. However, the past 2 arcs which focused more on Nadeko and “Shinobu” impressed me. Also the order in which they told the stories, while at first confusing, helped me understand the overall direction of the series better. With the introduction of Ougi and her involvement in the past few incidents, I’m looking forward to the confrontation or reveal of the mystery surrounding her.

nagi no asukara visuals

Nagi no Asukara – I originally saw this as your typical high school over the top drama revolving around romance series but my impression quickly changed within a few episodes. Hikari irked me initially with how immature he was, and the love triangle presented to us got me a bit worried about the series. However, Hikari quickly matured and showed amazing growth in how he sees those around him now and the series isn’t necessarily focusing as much on the high school drama. Instead we got to see some more fundamental problems between the sea people and the land people and gain some insight on the difficulty of the two coexisting with each other. On top of that, this show is also one of the most visually stunning series of the fall 2013 season with highly detailed backgrounds and vibrant colours that brings everything to life.

noucome episode 7 yukihira

NouCome – This is one of those shows where you just turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. NouCome is a harem comedy that does not take itself seriously (no real drama) and parodies the genre by throwing in over the top cliches and stereotypes. I also think that this type of show really allows the voice actors and actresses to show off their vocal talent. Yukihira and Yuragi’s voice actresses really impressed me since their voices really make the characters. I’m pretty disappointed that this is only 10 episodes but hopefully there will be more in the future if sales do well.

noucome yuragi yandere

I’ll try to wrap up the rest of my mid (approaching late) season impressions for Fall 2013 within the next week or so. You can see my first part of my Fall 2013 season impressions HERE

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