Fall 2013 Anime Season – Mid-Season Thoughts Part 3

Here’s the rest of my mid (now late) season thoughts for Fall 2013. I apologize if some of my thoughts seem rather plain or not that insightful but since a lot of these series I just watch for entertainment, I rarely find myself constantly thinking and analyzing the series.

outbreak company miusel

Outbreak Company – At first I found it a little dull, but the more I watched, the more I started to like the show. Myucel, Petra, and Shinichi really grew on me as they tried to learn more about the otaku culture. I think the point in the series when Shinichi stood out to me was (can’t recall the exact episode) when he saw Petra treating Myucel poorly but before judging her he took a second to remember that he was an outsider and that in their world (culture), this was what was considered acceptable. He did end up resolving their issues in the end but I appreciated that he didn’t just force his view onto these people since they already had their own established system and culture. Overall, this series is really an enjoyable watch and every week I try to spot all the anime parodies throughout the episode.

samurai flamenco episode 9

Samurai Flamenco – This series was quite deceptive in the sense that it lured me in with the realism and then completely changes pace mid way through the season. I’ve already discussed this series quite a bit in my weekly posts since it is one of the ones I enjoy the most. The series started off rather innocent with Masayoshi’s idealism and how he fought miniscule “crimes”. However, as he begins to climb up the ladder of crime, he finds himself questioning his actions and whether or not he’s becoming the man that his grandpa wanted him to be. Things have gotten pretty crazy within the last few episodes and I’m curious to see if this series will have Masayoshi remain true to his beliefs or if he’ll begin to convert more into an anti hero as he gains more power and recognition.

sekai de ichiban sakura

Sekai de Ichiban – Not much to say about this series, but despite a lot of negative criticism it’s received, I do find myself enjoying it. The wrestling matches are actually pretty well done in most instances with decent animation and build up in the fight scenes. While this is an ecchi series with tons of fanservice, I wouldn’t mind it if they toned down a bit on the cries during the matches. Things in recent episodes have also picked up a bit with Sakura learning the ropes of pro wrestling and being pitted against stronger and stronger opponents.

Strike the blood kojou asagi

Strike the Blood – I think the aspect I enjoy the most about Strike the Blood is the character relationships. I wouldn’t mind if this turned into a slice of life just depicting Kojou interacting with his continuously growing harem. This kind of feels similar to Infinite Stratos in the sense that we’ll get a couple of filler-like fanservice segments and then they’ll toss in a plot related segment except that Strike the Blood delivers more on the story and plot. Kojou started off rather unimpressive in terms of his power but I’m sure as we move towards the second half of the series, we’ll get to see what makes these primogenitor’s so feared.

Tokyo Ravens Natsume Harutora

Tokyo Ravens – I wish there was more I could say about this show. The art, synopsis, and animation really drew me in initially but I can’t help but feel that its lacking something. The first few episodes kind of just threw us straight into their world without much explanation. Afterwards, there was a bit of a lull midway where Tokyo Ravens was a bit more lighthearted when they entered Tokyo. It wasn’t until the last few episodes where I could start to see the direction of the series with the revelation of the different magical organizations. Harutora has been a little underwhelming for me as the main character but I guess that’s to be expected in your typical shounen series where the MC has to power up as the series progresses. I think that this series requires a lot more time to be developed and I’ll probably have to rewatch the first few episodes to pick up on any information I may have missed.

walkure romanze celia

Walkure Romanze – Another rather generic harem series this season except their strategy to differentiate themselves is by revolving it around jousting and knight school. While you can’t expect too much from Walkure, I felt that Takahiro as a main character was very generic to the point where he doesn’t even seem like a main character. He kind of resembles a robot with his lack of emotions and rather stern attitude. The way we’re introduced to the characters in this series, we don’t really know a whole lot about Takahiro except that he used to joust but had an accident and that he kind of just goes along with the flow. There was one moment though where we got a glimpse into Takahiro’s mind where he explains his fear of letting others down after his jousting incident which I felt was pretty relatable in the sense of being afraid to attempt something because there is a risk for failure. My general opinion on the series on a whole is that Walkure does have it’s moments that make you smile but as a whole it doesn’t really stand out too much from your typical harem series.

white album 2 cast

White Album 2 – I’ve already talked about White Album 2 several times in my weekly posts but I’ll try to sum up my thoughts on it again. The characters of White Album 2 act rationally which is a nice change of pace for a romance anime. Misunderstandings are usually resolved in a reasonable and quick manner from the characters just talking to each other about their feelings. In addition, while it starts off with three friends working together one one goal, the overall atmosphere of White Album 2 is rather tense due to Setsuna and Touma’s feelings towards Haruki. The overall direction of White Album 2 is really well done. While many of the scenes may seem like pointless shots at the background or just shots of the character’s bodies, there is much you can infer from these seemingly pointless shots. I’m just fascinated at how much I could learn about these characters from watching their body movements during a conversation or reactions to things. I really hope that they end up adapting the rest of the series since from what I heard, the second half is even better than the first.

yuushibu fino

Yuushibu – Another typical ecchi series that kind of resembles the recent trend of demon lords/heroes living in the normal world (Hataraku Maou-sama, Maoyu Maou Yuusha). While there doesn’t seem to be presence of any deep meaningful story, this series is still rather entertaining. We get to see Fino come from a rather sheltered environment (Demon Lord’s daughter) and being thrown into the real world where she now has to work to earn a living. Raul on the other hand has to come to terms that what he had been working towards is no longer a possible career path for him and accept whatever helps him pay the bills. Yuushibu does a pretty good job at being light hearted while also sending some very realistic messages to the audience.

Well that concludes the rest of my Fall 2013 anime mid-season thoughts. I also did pick up Non Non Biyori recently and enjoyed it thoroughly but there isn’t much to say about that series as well so I left it out. I’ll start posting about my Winter 2014 anime season in the near future as well as a 2013 wrap up to sum up my favourite shows for my first full year following anime.

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