Fall 2013 Week 11 – Thoughts and Impressions

noucome episode 10 chocolat

Another week of anime has passed by us as we approach the end of the season. Many of the shows this week have reached a climax or are wrapping up their stories so it was quite a great week for many series in my opinion. NouCome was also the first show of the Fall 2013 season to end which saddens me since it was usually the highlight of my week. I don’t have much thoughts on the finale besides it was as ridiculous as the show always is and it was nice to see them bring all the characters back for an explosive finale! This week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on White Album 2 episode 11, Kill la Kill episode 11, Samurai Flamenco episode 10, Valvrave S2 episode 10.

White album 2 episode 11 touma haruki

White Album 2 – This was such a beautifully done episode. It continued with the flashbacks of Touma’s past and included her relationship with Haruki leading up to present day. For the entire season, we got to know Touma through Haruki’s perspective, we mainly saw her harsh side with bursts of kindness and playfulness because that was how Haruki saw Touma. However, the flashbacks retell the events from Touma’s perspective and we were able to understand what went through her mind during all of those past events, how much it tore her apart to not be able to be honest with her feelings and confront Haruki. She lived under pressure for most of her life by having such a talented mother which resulted in high expectations from her. Due to that, she was often distant from her classmates since they wouldn’t approach her while her mother was always away which resulted in her lack of understanding how to interact with others.

white album 2 episode 11 touma haruki kiss

When we finally get back to present day, Haruki makes quite the bold move on Touma after realizing how she felt about him. While this is something that Touma originally wanted, we can see how conflicted she is by the way her body tries to fight back but then accepts his actions. She comes to her senses though and pushes him away. There was no way for her to have a happy ending if this had continued since she has hurt Setsuna and Haruki so easily forgot about her as well. It doesn’t seem like the three of them can truly stay together since no matter who Haruki chooses, the other gets hurt and left behind.

You can watch White Album 2 on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

kill la kill episode 11 nui harime

Kill la Kill – Continuing from last week, we get to see Nonon’s battle with Ryuuko continue. Overall it was an impressive battle scene and really showed the strength of Nonon relative to the other elite four members. Everyone is growing more concerned with Senketsu’s rapid growth but we haven’t been made fully aware of the secret behind the Kamui’s yet. Another mysterious character, Nui Harime, makes her appearance as well and despite her laid back attitude, she is incredibly strong and even Satsuki fears her. It’s interesting how the adults don’t seem to rely on uniforms for their strength (Revocs, Nudist Beach) but Satsuki’s entire kingdom and academy are forced to use these clothes in their society. I don’t really have too many thoughts on this episode, instead I’m just left with even more questions to the entire world. We aren’t made clear of who these organizations are yet, all we know is that Nudist Beach is against the use of Kamui’s and Revocs is run by Satsuki’s mother. We don’t know exactly what their goals are or how they’ll clash but I’m excited to see how Trigger ties everything together.

You can watch Kill la Kill on Daisuki or Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

samurai flamenco episode 10 mari

Samurai Flamenco – When they said final showdown last week, they weren’t kidding. The beginning of the episode through me off a bit with how calm and relaxed the atmosphere was but it snaps back to reality abruptly with Mari and Moe being held captive by King Torture. King Torture’s analysis of Mari was spot on with how she’s rather selfish which is reflected in her super hero ways of only doing it because she finds it entertaining. Moe on the other hand would follow Mari to the ends of the earth because she cares about her which King Torture could easily see. Mari ends up broken after King Torture harshly breaks the fantasy world that she was living in.

samurai flamenco episode 10 masayoshi

The confrontation between Samurai Flamenco and King Torture was a good old showdown between the two sides battling it out. The reveal of King Torture’s identity though was a bit of a let down since there was no way for us to establish any real emotional attachment to his character. Instead the purpose of his backstory, I’m guessing, was to draw a contrast between him and Masayoshi. Both children had a similar upbringing but one disliked the solidarity of heroism and preferred the bonds evil shared with each other while the other believed that one person could make a difference and change the world. While King Torture is now gone, I feel that his dream of united evil will continue to be a factor either through Akira or some new villain yet to appear. At the end of the episode, Masayoshi also chooses to reveal his identity to the world. We already saw the fame was going to his head earlier when he was constantly taking out the minions but now that people will recognize him on an everyday basis, this may affect his ego and personality even more. Will the second half be dedicated to Samurai Flamenco’s path to corruption? or will Masayoshi keep the same passion he’s always had and adhere to his values and beliefs.

You can watch Samurai Flamenco on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

Valvrave episode 22 saki valvrave

Valvrave S2 – Haruto and L-Elf finally talk it all out, everything that they have kept bottled up since the beginning of the series. After a ridiculous fight scene between Haruto and L-Elf, they finally come to the realization that they can’t just die in vain, they still have a mission to complete. While people continue to suffer because of Haruto, he realizes that they will continue to suffer even after he’s dead if he doesn’t resolve everything with Cain and the rest of the Magius now. His pact with L-Elf alarms be a bit since this feels like it’ll end in both of them sacrificing themselves to reveal the world to everyone. There are only 2 episodes left for this season so it’ll be interesting to see how they wrap up everything or whether or not they’ll continue with another season.

You can watch Valvrave S2 on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

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