Fall 2013 Week 12 – Thoughts and Impressions

With only 1 week left to go for the Fall 2013 season, many of the series have already concluded this past week. A couple of the two cour shows are also going to be taking a break next week I believe so it will give me a chance to catch up on my backlog before I begin the Winter 2014 anime season! This week I’ll be discussing my thoughts on Monogatari Series: Second Season episode 25, Kill la Kill episode 12, and White Album 2 episode 12.

monogatari second season episode 25 nadeko

Monogatari S2 – Another tense episode despite it being heavy on the dialogue. We’re left with even more questions regarding Ougi after the relevation that Oshino actually has no family. Why is Ougi using Oshino’s name and who are they exactly? I found it interesting that Kaiki said Oshino never had a family, he did not lose one or distanced himself from them, he stated Oshino never had a family to begin with. This leads me to wonder if Oshino is even considered human as well or if it was just a case of emphasizing that Ougi couldn’t possibly be related to Oshino.

monogatari second season episode 25 kaiki

The second half of the episode focuses on Kaiki’s character as he converses with Senjougahara and Ononoki. My impression of Kaiki back in Nisemonogatari was that he was some type of villain by the way he would scam people out of their money. However, these two conversations really allowed me to see him from another perspective. Kaiki is putting on a cold and blunt facade while playing the role of a bad guy, but deep down he truly does things for the greater good.After he lost the one he loved to an accident, it seems like he gave up trying to get close to others since he’d end up hurt when they’re gone. However, by not fully connecting with others, we can see that reading a person’s character based on their expressions, words, and actions only say so much. He didn’t take into account Senjougahara’s feelings in the past regarding her mother and ended up hurting her even more. From an outside perspective, it may have seemed like the mother was a problem in Senjougahara’s life and could assume that she was better off without her. However, breaking her family apart was not something that Senjougahara initially wanted and the result ended up hurting her more than her mother did.

You can watch Monogatari Series: Second Season on Daisuki (May not be available in all regions)

kill la kill episode 12 ryuuko transformed senketsu

Kill la Kill – Now we understand why everyone was so concerned about the powers of the Kamui. Overall, it was a great episode, we get see the battle between a revenge driven Ryuuko vs Nui Harime. Judging by how deformed Ryuuko was with the fusion, I’m thinking that it was caused by her inexperience with the Kamui (evolving too quickly) as well as her letting her emotions get the best of her. Perhaps later in the series she’ll do a complete fusion with Senketsu again but this time have complete control over it. Nui Harime also showed off how fearsome she is even without any special uniforms. She remained untouched the entire fight against Ryuuko and didn’t even get scratched by Tsumugu’s traps as well. I’m looking forward towards the second half of Kill la Kill where they’ll hopefully reveal more about the secrets behind the uniforms as well as what all these organizations are after.

You can watch Kill la Kill on Daisuki or Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

white album 2 episode 12 setsuna

White Album 2 – Another great episode where the three of them come clean about their feelings and thoughts. While Setsuna wanted the three of them to stay together, after seeing Kazusa’s feelings towards Haruki, she decided to manipulate them and drive them apart. Had Kazusa actually conveyed her feelings to Haruki, the two of them surely would have realized their feelings for each other and grew closer which would make Setsuna a third-wheel in the group. Instead, she acted first to get closer to Haruki and then drive Kazusa further away by making her sit on the sidelines while she dated Haruki. Now they’re going to lose Kazusa because of all the pain and suffering she had to endure as she had her heart ripped out in front of her every time the three of them hung out together.

white album 2 episode 12 touma kazusa haruki kiss

Kazusa finally contacts Haruki in the end with the intent to cut things off between them. However, deep down she was hoping to see him by making the phone call from right in front of his building. By making a phone call, Kazusa was able to keep up her calm and cold exterior. However, once seeing him face to face again, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and her true feelings came out once again. They both finally stopped all the games and came clean about how they felt and embraced. Both Haruki and Setsuna had a major impact on Kazusa’s life and without the both of them, she probably would have still been in a depressed state with no motivation or direction for her future. Overall, the direction for this episode was perfect. The music fit the mood perfectly and played at the right moments. The camera focus during Setsuna and Haruki’s scenes where they were completely alone really had a powerful impact on me as I was watching it.

You can watch White Album 2 on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

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