Winter 2014 Anime Season – First Impressions 2

As the winter season continues into it’s 2nd or 3rd week for some series, I thought I’d jot down some more of my first impressions on the season so far.

chuunibyou season 2 episode 3 rikka

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren – It’s interesting to see KyoAni make another season for Chuunibyou since I thought the first season was wrapped up rather nicely. They still managed to keep up the energy from the first season, despite the cast being another year older. While some of them were trying to pull off a second year debut (and put their chuuni past behind them), they revert back to their old selves and the silly antics resume once again. With Rikka’s issues being resolved last season and within the first episode of the season, it seems like this season will focus more on the romance side of things between Rikka and Yuuta. I’m not too sure what else they would do for plot since last season addressed Rikka’s personal issues (aside from them introducing another chuuni character). Overall, I think that this season has a more laid back feel and is closer to your traditional romantic comedy series based on my first impressions.

noragami episode 3 yato

Noragami – One of my favourite series after the first few weeks of the winter anime season. Noragami is a show that manages to balance comedy and action appropriately. While Yato seems like a simple god who just wants to have an easy life, he truly cares for those around him. He allowed his first regalia to leave when she didn’t want to serve him anymore, and tries his best to provide for Yukine despite not having much currently. He even goes out of his way to protect Hiyori when dealing with the phantoms despite his somewhat cold attitude to her. I think the latest Noragami episode is what really got me to appreciate Yato’s character even more though. His deep respect for the dead is astounding. Knowing that the Regalias are around because of their wish to be alive, he goes against his principles (respecting the wishes of those who wish to die) so that the Regalias don’t have to suffer seeing someone throwaway something that they wished they could have again. It’s a shame that Noragami is only a 12 episode series since we haven’t even been introduced to the main antagonist yet. Hopefully strong sales and interest will allow them to adapt more in the future!

nobunaga the fool episode 3 jeanne nobunaga

Nobunaga the Fool – A weird combination of historical references, mechas and modern/futuristic technology. My main issue with Nobunaga the Fool is my lack of knowledge and background of the historical figures they reference. As a result, my viewing experience of the show isn’t as pleasurable since a lot of the character personalities and backgrounds are inferred based on their reference. Regardless, Nobunaga the Fool has a lot of big names in the cast line up which makes the voice acting for this series top notch. Combined with the incredible OP and ED, and decent action scenes, Nobunaga has the potential to be a great series. It’d be nice if they got more into Nobunaga’s history from his own perspective or at least from his two best friends.

d-frag! episode 3 roka

D-Frag! – Seems to be a solid high school based slice of life series. While the cast primarily consists of cliche characters, they are still memorable in their own way. Roka is your typical shy girl that tries hard to be more sociable but she comes off as a little awkward while doing it. Her little quirks makes her interactions with Kenji and the rest of the club members enjoyable. There isn’t much else to say about D-Frag! since it’s rather straightforward but enjoyable nonetheless!

imocho episode 3 mitsuki hiyori

ImoCho – This series was pretty controversial at the start with the heavy censoring and excessive fanservice. However, I feel that ImoCho isn’t as bad as many were making it out to be. It definitely isn’t the most engaging series but if you take a step back and don’t take it seriously, it can actually be pretty entertaining. Yuuya is probably one of the most understanding characters I’ve seen in a while. He still opens up to Mitsuki despite her harsh attitude towards him and still wants them to get along no matter what. Even in all of the silly predicaments they find themselves in, Yuuya still looks past it and doesn’t think of Mitsuki any differently. I’m curious to see how far Hiyori can make Mitsuki go before Yuuya reacts how a normal person probably would!

That’s it for this entry of my winter impressions. I’ll try to post a few more in the future for the other shows I’ve been following as well as update some of my previous impressions as the season goes on. I’m still doing weekly write ups for the continuing Fall 2013 anime series and the currently airing Winter 2014 anime series over on my new site.

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