Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 7 – Screenshots

Praise the unlimited budget works from ufotable. We dive right into some action this episode. Archer shows off how capable he is, while Saber struggles a bit with the imperfect Assassin. I love how they’re dropping all these little hints on the big reveal later on in the season, which I won’t spoil for y’all yet! So much for a truce though, Archer takes a cheap shot at Shirou after setting off his temper. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these screenshots as much as I did watching the episode.

Archer I am the bone of my sword

Archer Trying to Kill Shirou Fate SN Caster Servant Fate Stay Night Fate SN UBW Shirou vs Archer Fate Stay Night 2014 Episode 7 Saber vs Assassin Fate Stay Night Remake Archer Saber comforting Shirou Saber Fate Stay Night 2014

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