Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 8 – Screenshots

Shinji continues to be a shrewd little man. I’m glad that he’s technically out of the competition for now, since that means we won’t have to hear from him for a while. I’m a bit bummed that Rider got off screened so quickly though, her character design is one of my favorites!

Caster kidnapping Saber__1417330283_135.23.138.149

Cheerful Tohsaka Rin__1417330321_135.23.138.149 Saber being summoned__1417330334_135.23.138.149 Salty Shinji Fate Stay Night__1417330347_135.23.138.149 Shirou pissed fate stay__1417330359_135.23.138.149 Tsundere Rin Fate Stay__1417330377_135.23.138.149

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