Tokyo Ghoul Screencaps

Touka Studying Tokyo Ghoul anime episode 3Currently going back and reuploading some screenshots I had for older series. Apologies for the incoming post spam the next few days!

Episode 1

Kaneki Ken Hideyoshi Tokyo Ghoul__1417315722_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 review Rize__1417315777_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul first impressions Touka Kirishima__1417315787_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Knife scene__1417315797_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul Kirishima Touka__1417315806_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul Rize Kamishiro__1417315820_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Kushu episode 1 Rize kamishiro__1417315833_135.23.138.149

Episode 2

Kaneki ken ghoul form__1417315933_135.23.138.149 Kaneki Ken Hideyoshi past__1417315954_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul anime Touka Kirishima__1417316015_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 impressions Touka Kirishima__1417316038_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 review Touka__1417316054_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 2 thoughts Kaneki Ken__1417316065_135.23.138.149 Touka Tokyo Ghoul Character__1417316093_135.23.138.149

Episode 3

Kaneki Ken working Tokyo Kushu episode 3 review__1417316206_135.23.138.149 Kaneki ken Yomo Tokyo kushu__1417316217_135.23.138.149 Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul impressions__1417316226_135.23.138.149 the gourmet tokyo ghoul review__1417316236_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 blog Touka Mask__1417316182_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 impressions Hinami__1417316245_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 review mado cruel__1417316258_135.23.138.149

Episode 4

Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul Anime__1417316349_135.23.138.149 Kaneki ken vs Tsukiyama shuu__1417316372_135.23.138.149 The gourmet Tokyo Ghoul__1417316381_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul ep 4 Itori__1417316394_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul ep 4 review Tsukiyama Shuu__1417316406_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 discussion Touka eating__1417316424_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 impressions Kamishiro Rize__1417316438_135.23.138.149 Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 review Touka__1417316451_135.23.138.149

Episode 5

Tokyo Ghoul ep 5 impressions Nishiki x Kimi Tokyo Ghoul ep 5 review Touka Yoriko Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 impressions Kaneki x Touka Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 review Tsukiyama Shuu Tokyo Ghoul review Touka kagune Touka vs Tsukiyama

Episode 6

Tokyo Ghoul ep 6 review Touka Kagune Tokyo Ghoul episode 6 impressions Hinami Tokyo Ghoul episode 6 review Touka Kagune Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6 Tsukiyama Defeated Tokyo Ghoul Hinami Ryouko Tokyo Ghoul Jason vs Amon Tokyo Ghoul Jason Yamori Tokyo Ghoul Kirishima Touka

Episode 7

Tokyo Ghoul Amon Tokyo Ghoul anime Amon Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7 Review Kaneki crying Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Mask Tokyo Ghoul Mado Tokyo Ghoul Rabbit

Episode 8

Hinami Kagune Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Crying Kaneki Ken Ghoul Form Kaneki Ken Mask Tokyo Ghoul Crazy Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul Hinami Crying Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Mask Tokyo Ghoul Ken Mask Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kagune Tokyo Ghoul Touka Shocked

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