Akame ga Kill Episode 20 – Screenshots

I guess this is where we diverge from the manga! For the most part, the adaptation has been pretty faithful. I’m not going to lie, but I thought Lubba died an honorable death here, taking out the annoying Syura along with him. Either way, I’m interested in seeing how the rebels can possibly win when the capital basically has TWO Esdeaths! Enjoy the screens from episode 20, as they’ll be the last of Lubba :(!

Akame ga Kill Anime Lubbock Death Scene

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Sword Art Online II Episode 19 – Screenshots

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a great fight scene! I missed seeing Asuna out in the front lines since she was once such a strong warrior. Zekken is also revealed to be a young girl, and not the intimidating soldier Asuna had previously thought of! Anyways, enough chit chat, enjoy some screenshots from Sword Art Online II Episode 19!

Asuna Killer Eyes

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Sword Art Online II Episode 18 – Screencaps

Kirito finally takes Asuna out on a date! After she departs, they go back to their weekly online meetings. Asuna can finally relive her dream from SAO, by owning that quiet little log cabin by the lake with Kirito. It’s almost as if her and Kirito were the parents, and all of these other girls are their children. Although… slightly disturbing children who all lust after Kirito…

Asuna ALO Avatar

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Akame ga Kill Episode 18 – Screencaps

I almost forgot that Night Raid were on a mission! The fight against Kurome and Bols took all my attention away from the bigger picture, overthrowing the religious cult. It seems like the Jaegers and Night Raid will face off in the near future though since these so called demons don’t pose much of a threat.

On a side note, despite being mentally unstable, Kurome was pretty adorable this episode…

Akame ga Kill Episode 18 Kurome x Wave

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