Psycho Pass Season 2 Ep 9 Screenshots

I think I need to watch something cute and heart warming after that episode… Those poor puppies, the image of people being burned alive, this is the Psycho-Pass I remember. Both Kamui and Togane are making their moves and Akane will have to make a decision of who is the lesser evil. If it were me, the lesser evil would have to be the guy who didn’t abduct my grandmother and chop off her ear, but that’s just me… (P.S. Mika is still a weenie)

Akane analyzing sibyl

Akane breaking down Crazy Mika Clapping Psycho Pass Kamui Kirito Judgement Kunizuka Yayoi Psycho Pass Sakuya Togane Evil Togane Sakuya making everything burn Togane Sakuya real identity Young Togane Sakuya

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