Psycho Pass S2 Episode 11 Screenshots

Well, it was short lived, but a fun ride. The second season of Psycho-Pass has come to an end. Definitely not the same quality as the first season, but still enjoyable. I was hoping for the story to actually move somewhere, but it feels like we’re exactly where we left off! Here’s looking forward to the movie anyways.

Akane judging Kamui

Akane Psycho Pass 2 Episode 11 Finale Review Akane Shocked at Kirito Death Kamui Judging Sibyl Kamui Kirito Death Kirito Kamui Dominator Red Mika Sibyl Secret Mika Snapping Sakuya Togane Going Crazy Sakuya Togane True Color Shisui captured Togane Sakuya Dying Togane Sakuya Mother Complex

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