Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 12 – Screenshots

A glorious finale to the series. A full 45 minutes, and plenty of Rin-Service and Saber-Service scenes! Not only do we have tsundere Rin, but we even get Rin in glasses, Rin bathing, sleepy Rin, cold Rin, and even happy Rin! On top of that, we get sporty, pouty, hungry, and sad Saber all in the same episode! Now all that’s left is to wait four grueling months, until the journey continues…

Baseball Saber

Broken Shirou Caster Rainbow Wings Caster Rule Breaker Saber Embarassed Rin Tohsaka Fate Stay Night Archer Unlimited Blade Works Fate Stay Night Finale Hungry Saber Kirei Wolverine Claws Megane Rin Rin Fixing her hair Saber as Casters Slave Saber Bride Saber Dead Eyes Saber playing Baseball Shirou Vs Caster Sleepy RinEmiya Shirou Wounded

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