Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 1 Screenshots

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Tokyo Ghoul Root A exceeded my expectations. The series had a completely different feel from the first season. While the opening didn’t really wow me like Unravel did, the rest of the episode was amazing. Seeing Kaneki put Ayato in his place, and even the big reveal of his decision to leave Anteiku was handled well! I look forward to the rest of the season after that first episode.

Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul S2

Ayato vs Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul Eto and Tatara Aogiri Kaneki Ken Aogiri Kaneki Leaving Anteiku Kaneki vs Ayato Kuro and Shiro Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul A Opening Tokyo Ghoul Arata Armor Tokyo Ghoul S2 First Impressions Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 Owl

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 1 Screenshots

  1. If you haven’t read the manga, there was allot of differences between the Manga and the Anime. ( A huge difference, and in my opinion, the Manga is better).

    1. Yup, the anime is going down an original route. I read the manga, loved it, but I’m still interested in seeing how the second season turns out (especially with Ishida doing the writing).

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