Winter 2015 Anime – Screenshots

Here’s an assortment of Winter 2015 anime screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Maybe I’ll organize it later on when I have time, but for now, you’ll have to make do with the random order.

Absolute Duo Rito Tsukimi

Aldnoah Zero Inaho Eye Assassination Classroom First Look Death Parade First Impressions Death Parade Opening Dance Durarara Mikaido Anri Fafnir Anime Freyja Iris Kamisama Kiss 2 Nanami Kantai Collection Anime Koufuku Graffiti Saekano Shinmai Maou anime preview Tokyo Ghoul Root A Kaneki World Break Anime CharactersAbsolute Duo Rito Tsukimi OPAssassination Classroom KorosenseiDeath Parade Onna Decim DanceNanairo Symphony OPNanatsu no Taizai new OPSlaine Aldnoah Zero 2Tokyo Ghoul Root A OP SymbolismTop Winter 2015 Anime OpeningsAssassination Classroom Ending SongBest Anime Songs 2015Death Parade ED SongKaneki Tokyo Ghoul 2 ED SongList of Top Anime EDTop Anime ED Songs 2015 WinterTop Anime Music Winter 2015Death Parade NonaDurarara Izaya SistersNagisa Assassination Class ImpressionsRolling Girls Series ReviewSaekano ImpressionsShinmai Maou ImpressionsTokyo Ghoul S2 ImpressionsTomoe Kamisama KissWinter 2015 anime reviewWinter 2015 Mid Season ImpressionsWorld Break Elena Nekomimi

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