Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 4 Screenshots

Kanekipede finally makes his appearance. The episode was alright, definitely felt a bit rushed seeing how they compressed probably 20 chapters from different parts of the manga into one episode. Animation could use some work though, noticed a lot of jerky movements during the fight scenes.

Amon Akira Fighting

Amon Donato Meeting Ayato Crow Mask Eto Squishing People Kaneki beat up by Shachi Kaneki Cochlea Raid Kaneki Fighting CCG Kanekipede Anime Kuro and Shiro vs Juuzou

8 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 4 Screenshots

  1. The series itself is shaping up pretty nicely. Sometimes I’m glad when they follow the manga closely, other times, not so much. But it is annoying when they take bits and pieces from different chapters and toss them all in together, trying to juxtapose something that doesn’t really work.

    1. Yeah, the show almost feels too crowded at the moment for me. From the anime only, we don’t know too much about Eto, Tatara, Naki, Akira, Shachi, yet here we have all of these important characters fighting it out. They don’t seem willing to completely cut out characters either so we’re getting a rushed version of their story.

      I still do enjoy watching the anime though since it’s nice to see the manga brought to life. Knowing the details from the manga does help fill in some of the gaps that may leave an anime viewer confused.

      1. In many ways it reminds me of that new Gotham series – where they’re just trying to put out as many characters as they can without giving them depth or their own proper intro’s. To me, that’s an important part of any story development. When a story is presented like this, they risk losing the emotional connection – the thing that makes someone care. If you don’t connect with the characters or storyline, they why would you continue watching? The opposite of love is said to be indifference and that’s what animators risk.

        I watched (most of) one anime called Welcome to the NHK and it was ok and had potential, but in the end, I gave up. I didn’t feel connected to the characters and the storyline became boring to me. I tried, I really did, to give it a fair shot. But I’ll only allow a series to waste but so much of my time.

        I hope that they slow down and do this series justice. It would be a shame to see them destroy this opportunity. (Though conversely, I don’t want them to go the route of Naruto. I’m almost angry that I’m so invested in the series. Just please stop with the fillers!)

      2. Funny you should mention NHK, I actually just marathoned through it a week ago. I really did like it at first, dealt with some very real issues that were relatable to many. But then that whole island thingy happened and it no longer felt real. I got that they wanted to show that life gets better, but to have everyone’s lives (minus Sato’s) fixed in an instant was stretching it too far.

        The ending just felt really rushed since they jumped right into Misaki’s problems despite only very vaguely hinting towards it throughout the season.

        Oh boy Naruto, that series was my childhood. I actually felt some tears when I saw the manga had finally ended. Even if it was dragged on for so long, I was just too emotionally invested and found myself feeling empty after it ended. Haven’t found the time to catch up on the anime yet, but I definitely want to watch the final episode for old times sake.

  2. Astute observation on NHK! The whole island thing is what really killed it for me too. I get that he didn’t initially understand that they were headed there for a suicide pack but, that being said, problems normally don’t magically fix themselves the way they did in the series. I stomached a few episodes after that, thinking it would return to dealing with issues the way it previously had, but WRONG. Definitely wrong.

    As far as Naruto is concerned, they haven’t aired the last episode yet. They are still dragging it out. Filler after filler after filler. One minute the 9 tails has just been dragged out of Naruto, the next Gara is reminiscing about the Chunin exams. But, like you, I’m too emotionally invested. At this point, I NEED to watch every episode. I’m in it to the very bitter end…. though I am ashamed to admit I never read the manga. 😦

    If you like anime’s that deal with real issues, have you checked out Steins;Gate yet? (I didn’t see it in your archives.)

    1. I’ve watched Steins;Gate but it’s been a while. I thought it started off a bit slow, but I’ve noticed that it’s common in series dealing with time travel (In Search of a Lost Future from last season comes to mind). The first handful episodes feel like a slice of life almost in order to set up for the plot twist where the characters have to relive the same events, but now they’re aware of what happens.

      I was watching one to two episodes a day only, but then episode 12 hit and I think I marathoned the rest of the series within 2 days.

      I don’t think I blogged about it since I watched it before I started blogging anime, and it had already finished airing, so I figured the series had already been discussed to death.

      It was definitely one of my favorite series, and I remember feeling empty and wondering what the heck do I watch next after seeing it!

      1. In many ways I love when a series leaves you feeling like that – you just want it to keep going because it makes you wonder what series you could possibly watch next that will give you the same feeling as the one that you’ve just watched.

        You’re probably right about it being blogged to death, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your own personal review, let the world know that it made you feel something.

        You could always do like the rest of us and just make it a TBT item. Or, a FBF (either one works since they’re pretty much the same).

        I’ve never watched In Search of a Lost Future. I’m going to have to check that one out.

      2. I’ve considered writing about it, but I haven’t found the time since I like to write my thoughts out soon after watching a series, while everything is still fresh.
        Perhaps when I rewatch it down the road I’ll do it, but there’s nothing like watching a series for the first time, and having all these thoughts running through your mind!

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