Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 12 Screenshots

Another anime comes to a close this week. Thankfully, the Tokyo Ghoul franchise has been gaining popularity since the anime aired so there are even more new adaptations to come. Can’t say I enjoyed it as much as the manga, but Root A certainly did have it’s moments, especially when it came to the music and animation. Check out my full review on Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

Arima-vs-Kaneki Hide-Coffee Hide-Eye-Patch Hide-Smiles Houji-Mourning Juuzou-Broken Kaneki-Carrying-Hideyoshi Kaneki-Eye-Bleeding Kaneki-Facing-Hide Kaneki-Holding-Hide Kaneki-vs-Arima Rebel-Touka Root-A-End Tokyo-Ghoul-Final-End-Card Touka-Anteiku-Fire Touka-Fire Touka-RE

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