Spring 2015 Anime – What I’m Watching

Here’s a quick list of screenshots from series I’m currently following for the Spring 2015 anime season. If you want a full list, or to check out my first impression, just click here! You can find the series name there as well.

DanMachi-Hestia Denpa-Kyoushi-First-Impressions Gunslinger-Stratos-Anime Hibike-First-Impressions High-School-DxD-BoRN Kiniro-Mosaic-Detective-Alice OreGairu Zoku Yui Excited Pouty-Nagato-Yuki Shokugeki-no-Souma-Souma SaberHumiliated Owarai-no-Seraph-YuuRomance Anime Spring 2015FSN Brave ShineHibike CharactersHibike OPHigh School DxD EDKalafina Ring Your BellNisekoi Rally go RoundOre Monogatari EDOregairu EDOwari no Seraph OPShokugeki EDShokugeki OPSpring 2015 Top Anime ThemesYamada-Kun EDYamada-kun-OP

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