Seraph of the End Episode 8 Screenshots

I haven’t been posting new screenshot posts for the previous few episodes because I’ve been late with my posts. Either way, you can still find them over on the episode 4 post where I’ve just been adding screenshots onto the end. Things are finally picking up, but more importantly, we get a lot of glorious Shinoa moments. Mitsuba is also becoming a contender for best girl in the series.

Annoyed-Shinoa blushing-mitsuba Demon-Shinoa scared-Shinoa Seraph-Blue-Hair-Vampire Shinoa-Driving Yuu-Saving-MitsubaHappy-ShinoaKrul-Feeding-MikaMika-Ferid-AngerMito-SeraphShinoa-Number-One

Guren-vs-Mika-Fight Mika-Guren-Showdown-Winner Shinoa-Battle-Stance Yuu-reunion-Mika Yuu-Sad-Seraph Yuu-stabbing-Mika

Demon-Yuu-Awakened Hiragi-Family-Army kimizuki-blood-sucked Mika-Yuu-Dont-Go Princess-Yuu-Mika Shinoa-holding-Yuu Yuu-Ferid-Meeting

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