Gangsta Episode 1 Screenshots

This was quite a shocking premier. I was pretty amazed at how they managed to balance some of the more comedic scenes with the overall darker tone of the series. Gangsta is certainly looking like it has potential to be one of the better series this summer season!

Gangsta-Alex Gangsta-Main-Characters Gangsta-Nicolas-Sign Gangsta-Opening Worwick

Alex-Shocked Crazy-Nicolas Nic-warming-up Scared-AlexAlex-SingingBloody-NicolasNicolas-BrownWorwick-Smoking

Doug-Gangsta Doug-Tag-Member Nic-Tag-Challenge Young-Nicolas Young-Worwick

Alex-Benditto-PTSD Demon-Nicolas Doug-Cornered-Nic Gina-Paulklee Ginger-saving-Doug Nic-vs-Doug-Battle

Alex-Worwick-Kiss Nic-Worwick-Friendship Nina-chan-coffee Veronica-gangsta Worwick-Teaching-Nic

Ally-chan-worwick Doug-Friends Gangsta7 Nic-pinching-nina-cheeks Worwick-one-eye Worwick-Smiling

Alex-Benedetto-Singing Alex-Soiree-Singing Alex-Window-Sill Nic-Supporting-Alex Young-Alex-Singing-brother

Angry-Loretta-Cristiano Emilio-Benedetto-Gangsta-9 Ginger-S-Rank Mikhail-Perched Nic-Angry-Face

Cristiano-Baby Destroyers-Gangsta Doug-vs-Sig Middle-aged-worwick Nina-doctor-gangsta

Beretta-Hunter Beretta-Marco-History Doug-Dying-Gangsta Sig-Crazy-Axe-Girl Striker-Beretta-Hunters

Alex-Alone Gangsta-Anime-review Gangsta-Destroyers-Fire Gangsta-Finale-Worwick-Death Loretta-Cristiano Loretta-Helping-Hand Striker-Gangsta-Final-Ep

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