Tokyo Ghoul Jack – Screenshots

Screenshots from the newest Tokyo Ghoul OVA, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack featuring a young Arima before he became overpowered (moreso than now…). Overall, I really enjoyed the episode and you can read more about my thoughts on it in my Tokyo Ghoul Jack Review post.

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 12 Screenshots

Another anime comes to a close this week. Thankfully, the Tokyo Ghoul franchise has been gaining popularity since the anime aired so there are even more new adaptations to come. Can’t say I enjoyed it as much as the manga, but Root A certainly did have it’s moments, especially when it came to the music and animation. Check out my full review on Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 9 Screenshots

The raid has begun, and Kaneki has to make his decision. Does he risk his life trying to save Anteiku, even though there’s practically zero chance of it happening, or does he run away like Yoshimura wants. The final arc of Tokyo Ghoul begins with the normal everyday life the ghouls took for granted being robbed from them.

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 5 Screenshots

While there weren’t too many light beams this episode, we did get a lot of blurring which proved to be almost as distracting. Either way, it was nice to see Kaneki’s insanity animated. That had to be one of my favorite moments in the manga, and there’s just something special about seeing it all come to life in anime form! Don’t forget to check out my full review of my thoughts on the episode.

Amon Pitying Kaneki

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