Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 4 Screenshots

Kanekipede finally makes his appearance. The episode was alright, definitely felt a bit rushed seeing how they compressed probably 20 chapters from different parts of the manga into one episode. Animation could use some work though, noticed a lot of jerky movements during the fight scenes.

Amon Akira Fighting

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 3 Screenshots

A bit of a slow episode, but it was worth it since Naki made his grand appearance! Hopefully him and Tsukiyama meet soon so we can have double the craziness all in one room. They covered a ton of small events from the manga, while skipping over the action. Hopefully they’re saving all that stuff for later, so we’ll have an explosive ending with all of the skipped action scenes!

Aogiri Kaneki Kagune

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 2 Screenshots

It’d be amazing if they had a new OST at the end of every episode. Those things just get me hyped up like no tomorrow. Even if this is an anime only story, it seems like they’re still touching on the manga events, which leaves me hopeful of how it will turn out. Poor Kaneki still looks miserable, no matter which route he takes.

Akira Mado Anime Appearance

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 1 Screenshots

The moment I’ve been waiting for! Tokyo Ghoul Root A exceeded my expectations. The series had a completely different feel from the first season. While the opening didn’t really wow me like Unravel did, the rest of the episode was amazing. Seeing Kaneki put Ayato in his place, and even the big reveal of his decision to leave Anteiku was handled well! I look forward to the rest of the season after that first episode.

Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul S2

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