Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4 – Screencaps

To save everyone’s eyes, I didn’t screencap the more gory pictures, but damn, this was a brutal episode. Even though Urobuchi isn’t writing this, they’re killing characters off left and right. I was beginning to like Aoyanagi’s character too, but unfortunately this is her fate for trusting the Sibyl system so greatly.

Inspector Aoyanagi death

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Akame ga Kill Episode 17 – Screencaps

What a brutal week of anime / manga this has been. Not only did Seo Kouji toy with my heart in Fuuka, but some beloved Akame characters bite the dust as well. On top of that Grisaia was the icing on top of everything. I guess I’m going to need to find the cutest anime possible to overcome the trauma that I developed over these last few days!

Esdeath troll face

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Sword Art Online II Episode 16 – Screencaps

We get some pretty sick fight scenes this episode. Kirito continues to tear things up with his ghetto rigged dual wielding technique. Poor Klein reveals his true desires to fall in love and meet the one. It probably doesn’t help that Kirito parades around with hoards of women at his beck and call. At least he can potentially find true love with this NPC!

ALO Frejya

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