Summer 2013 Anime Season: What am I Watching? (Part 2)

Continuing on from my last post, I will be covering the rest of the currently airing summer anime by giving my brief and general thoughts about them so far.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog and Scissors)

I really have no idea what is going on with this anime but for some reason I can’t stop watching it! The opening and ending songs sung by the cast members really brings a lot of energy to the show and I can’t help but feel excited at the beginning and end of every episode. The plot overall seems pretty bland and they reuse the same gags several times every episode. However, I enjoy turning off my brain for 20 minutes a week to just watch this show for what it is and enjoy the cast of characters and silly humor. Continue reading

Summer 2013 Anime Season: What am I watching? (Part 1)

The summer season is well underway already but I decided I would post what I am currently watching from this season as well as some of my general thoughts on the series so far. I’m actually quite amazed that I am keeping track of so many series!


Hello to anyone who has may have stumbled upon this blog. I’m currently a Business student at Ryerson University in Canada who got bored towards the end of summer and decided to create a blog about one of my hobbies which is anime! I’m pretty clueless about web and graphic design but I figured creating a blog as a past time could help me develop some skills that would help out in the future.

Growing up, I watched a lot of Chinese dubbed anime as well as English dubbed that aired on television. Some of these series included Dragon Ball, Gundam Wing, and practically anything else that was available on YTV. I was never really that into anime but I would occasionally watch a couple of series here and there growing up. It wasn’t until last summer where I revisited some old series that really had an impact on me and basically rediscovered anime. I spent the past year since then catching up on all these series that I had missed out on.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite type of anime since I generally give almost anything a shot. That means I will be discussing, reviewing or going over a wide range of anime (hopefully!). I’ll try to update this blog with series I am currently watching and include my thoughts on the latest episodes on a weekly basis.

Well, I guess that is it for the intro post as well as a little introduction to myself. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future posts!