Akame ga Kill Episode 22 – Screenshots

Well, we’re 5/4 in the last four episodes when it comes to killing off Night Raid and Jaeger members. I felt bad for Kurome, not only did they skip over her character development, but they had the nerve to kill her off! So much for being a main conflict of Akame ga Kill and be done away with in one episode. Anyways enjoy these screenshots as much as Kurome enjoys her snacks! (or enjoyed… dang it Whitefox)

Akame Crying After Killing Kurome

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Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 8 – Screenshots

Shinji continues to be a shrewd little man. I’m glad that he’s technically out of the competition for now, since that means we won’t have to hear from him for a while. I’m a bit bummed that Rider got off screened so quickly though, her character design is one of my favorites!

Caster kidnapping Saber__1417330283_135.23.138.149

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Psycho Pass 2 Episode 8 – Screenshots

Someone should give Mika a medal for the amount of jealousy she’s carrying towards Akane! The girl is going to town on her investigation, making huge discoveries, but then her motive becomes clear as she writes her report. This was all just another one of her many attempts to get Akane fired! Mika is ruthless and won’t stop at any costs to take down Akane-chan!

Akane Pouty Face

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Akame ga Kill Episode 21 – Screenshots

WHY??? Just when they finally show Mine and Tatsumi showing their romance, they just had to go and rip them apart. At least they got to share a passionate kiss before it happened. I guess it’ll be interesting to see what we have in store next, now that the anime is out of source material to adapt. Enjoy the last screenshots of Mine and Tatsumi together!

Akame ga Kill Akame saving Tatsumi

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Sword Art Online II Episode 20 – Screenshots

We dive deeper into the Mother Rosario arc and I must say, I’m loving Asuna taking the lead. Honestly, how much character development can Kirito possibly go through, when he’s already the harem master and god of games? Now his previously neglected, first girl of his harem, gets the spotlight! Although, it wouldn’t be Sword Art Online without Kirito, so he does try to steal the spotlight at the end of the show! Anyways, enjoy the screencaps, I personally love Yuuki’s character design!

Asuna Shocked SAO

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Fate Stay Night (2014) Episode 7 – Screenshots

Praise the unlimited budget works from ufotable. We dive right into some action this episode. Archer shows off how capable he is, while Saber struggles a bit with the imperfect Assassin. I love how they’re dropping all these little hints on the big reveal later on in the season, which I won’t spoil for y’all yet! So much for a truce though, Archer takes a cheap shot at Shirou after setting off his temper. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these screenshots as much as I did watching the episode.

Archer I am the bone of my sword

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Psycho Pass 2 Episode 7 – Screenshots


Well, at least Kamui isn’t being called a ghost anymore. Some guy going around stealing dominators, and kidnapping/murdering inspectors is somehow considered a “ghost”… Either way, everyone seems to be in kahootz with each other, leaving poor Akane and the other MWPSB sheep out of the loop. While the mystery is good and all, I think everyone has the same question on their mind… When is Kougami going to magically drop down from the sky, save everyone, and sweep Akane off her feet? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now, enjoy some screencaps from episode 7.
Akane Psycho Pass 2 Ep 7

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