Top Anime of 2014 – Screencaps

With 2014 coming to a close, I compiled a list of my favorite anime series from the past year! Here’s some quick screenshots of them, but if you want to check out the ranking and reasoning behind it, be sure to check out the top anime of 2014 post.

Akame ga Kill Anime of the Year

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Fate Stay Night UBW Episode 12 – Screenshots

A glorious finale to the series. A full 45 minutes, and plenty of Rin-Service and Saber-Service scenes! Not only do we have tsundere Rin, but we even get Rin in glasses, Rin bathing, sleepy Rin, cold Rin, and even happy Rin! On top of that, we get sporty, pouty, hungry, and sad Saber all in the same episode! Now all that’s left is to wait four grueling months, until the journey continues…

Baseball Saber

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Kiseijuu Episode 12 Screenshots

Merry Christmas indeed… Kana was sporting the festive green, while her blood stained with the red Christmas spirit. Her mental state really deteriorated within the last two episodes. At first, she was just curious about Shinichi, but then as she interacted more with him, she turned into a full fledged stalker. Poor girl wouldn’t listen to the warnings, and ended up dying from it.

Kana Kiseijuu Ep 12

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Winter 2015 Anime – What I’m Watching

Here’s a quick list of the series I’m looking forward to the most this coming Winter anime season. I went over my thoughts in greater depth over on the main blog which you can find in the side bar. Winter is typically seen as one of the weakest seasons (in my personal experience), but with so many big sequels, and strong continuing series, it’s shaping up to be a solid looking season.

Aldnoah Zero S2

Aldnoah Zero 2

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Sword Art Online 2 Episode 24 – Screenshots

Well, it was a fun ride, but Yuuki is in a better place now. I’m glad she went peacefully and made peace with everything before going. It’s such a shame, I loved her character, but I guess that’s what happens when you steal Kirito’s best swordsman title from him. I thought it was a bit cheesy how Yuuki won based on time running out, they just can’t have Kirito losing fair and square!

Asuna Goodbye to Yuuki

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Kimi no Uso Episode 11 – Screenshots

Had to do a double take at the start of the episode to make sure I was watching KimiUso! This was a very heartfelt episode. Not only do we see Aiza’s raw emotions, but Kousei finally realizes that he’s a normal kid. The firefly scene had to be one of the most beautiful scenes all year. Not only were the visuals and music great, but the entire dialogue was beautiful as well!

Hiroko Kimi no Uso

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Psycho Pass S2 Episode 11 Screenshots

Well, it was short lived, but a fun ride. The second season of Psycho-Pass has come to an end. Definitely not the same quality as the first season, but still enjoyable. I was hoping for the story to actually move somewhere, but it feels like we’re exactly where we left off! Here’s looking forward to the movie anyways.

Akane judging Kamui

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Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Screenshots

Here we are, the end of the road. It was fun watching, reviewing, and screencapping Akame ga Kill on a weekly basis. We got a happy ending in the end, even if it came at a great cost. Everyone died fighting for what they believed in, and their dream finally came true. Poor Akame is the sole survivor of all of this and has to bear the burden of living on for all of them.

Akame Esdeath Mahapadama

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