Kiseijuu Episode 23 Screenshots

Looking back, they’ve been setting up this fight since the beginning of the series. All of the little details to the parasite’s weaknesses and ways to counter them had been touched on through previous encounters. This episode was pretty much the climax though, so I wonder what they’ll do next week to tie up everything.

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Kiseijuu Episode 22 Screenshots

Well things kicked off rather quickly. Within seconds, Gotou is already on the hunt, within minutes, the fight is already over with the loss of our little friend. Migi definitely developed to the point where he could be considered a human based on his emotional attachment to the world and Shinichi.

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Kiseiju Episode 19 Screenshots

A slower episode, but that’s alright, we could use some build up. Shinichi is almost back to living a normal life, except there’s still one more thing that he needs to resolve. It’s almost time for the big showdown between the humans and the parasites, but one can only imagine there will be a ton of blood shed.

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