Akame ga Kill Ep 24 Screenshots

Here we are, the end of the road. It was fun watching, reviewing, and screencapping Akame ga Kill on a weekly basis. We got a happy ending in the end, even if it came at a great cost. Everyone died fighting for what they believed in, and their dream finally came true. Poor Akame is the sole survivor of all of this and has to bear the burden of living on for all of them.

Akame Esdeath Mahapadama

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Akame ga Kill Ep 23 Screenshots

Well, Whitefox really had the balls to do it. They just up and killed the main character. At least Tatsumi went out like a bad ass. He didn’t die to Esdeath, or the capital’s torture, but instead he died like a superhero (literally). There’s only one more episode, and at this point, I’m a bit scared of who will die for the finale…

Akame ga Kill Emperor vs Tatsumi

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Akame ga Kill Episode 22 – Screenshots

Well, we’re 5/4 in the last four episodes when it comes to killing off Night Raid and Jaeger members. I felt bad for Kurome, not only did they skip over her character development, but they had the nerve to kill her off! So much for being a main conflict of Akame ga Kill and be done away with in one episode. Anyways enjoy these screenshots as much as Kurome enjoys her snacks! (or enjoyed… dang it Whitefox)

Akame Crying After Killing Kurome

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Akame ga Kill Episode 21 – Screenshots

WHY??? Just when they finally show Mine and Tatsumi showing their romance, they just had to go and rip them apart. At least they got to share a passionate kiss before it happened. I guess it’ll be interesting to see what we have in store next, now that the anime is out of source material to adapt. Enjoy the last screenshots of Mine and Tatsumi together!

Akame ga Kill Akame saving Tatsumi

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Akame ga Kill Episode 20 – Screenshots

I guess this is where we diverge from the manga! For the most part, the adaptation has been pretty faithful. I’m not going to lie, but I thought Lubba died an honorable death here, taking out the annoying Syura along with him. Either way, I’m interested in seeing how the rebels can possibly win when the capital basically has TWO Esdeaths! Enjoy the screens from episode 20, as they’ll be the last of Lubba :(!

Akame ga Kill Anime Lubbock Death Scene

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Akame ga Kill Episode 18 – Screencaps

I almost forgot that Night Raid were on a mission! The fight against Kurome and Bols took all my attention away from the bigger picture, overthrowing the religious cult. It seems like the Jaegers and Night Raid will face off in the near future though since these so called demons don’t pose much of a threat.

On a side note, despite being mentally unstable, Kurome was pretty adorable this episode…

Akame ga Kill Episode 18 Kurome x Wave

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Akame ga Kill Episode 17 – Screencaps

What a brutal week of anime / manga this has been. Not only did Seo Kouji toy with my heart in Fuuka, but some beloved Akame characters bite the dust as well. On top of that Grisaia was the icing on top of everything. I guess I’m going to need to find the cutest anime possible to overcome the trauma that I developed over these last few days!

Esdeath troll face

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