Kiseijuu Episode 22 Screenshots

Well things kicked off rather quickly. Within seconds, Gotou is already on the hunt, within minutes, the fight is already over with the loss of our little friend. Migi definitely developed to the point where he could be considered a human based on his emotional attachment to the world and Shinichi.

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Kiseijuu Episode 12 Screenshots

Merry Christmas indeed… Kana was sporting the festive green, while her blood stained with the red Christmas spirit. Her mental state really deteriorated within the last two episodes. At first, she was just curious about Shinichi, but then as she interacted more with him, she turned into a full fledged stalker. Poor girl wouldn’t listen to the warnings, and ended up dying from it.

Kana Kiseijuu Ep 12

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Kiseijuu Episode 11 Screenshots

While best girl Kana gets a decent amount of exposure this episode, her spotlight is stolen by the majestic Izumi. Shinichi not only swoops Kana off her feet (in her dreams), but he lays a smooth one down on Murano in the second half of the episode! I guess Kana is out of luck since, in all anime universes, the best girl never wins.

Kana Heart Broken Parasyte

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