Sword Art Online 2 Episode 24 – Screenshots

Well, it was a fun ride, but Yuuki is in a better place now. I’m glad she went peacefully and made peace with everything before going. It’s such a shame, I loved her character, but I guess that’s what happens when you steal Kirito’s best swordsman title from him. I thought it was a bit cheesy how Yuuki won based on time running out, they just can’t have Kirito losing fair and square!

Asuna Goodbye to Yuuki

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Sword Art Online 2 Episode 23 Screenshots

We’re almost done with this season of SAO. I have to say, these last few episodes have actually made me enjoy the series more than I thought I would. Action and flashy scenes are nice, but it’s good to have some slower paced moments, especially with Asuna as the main focus. (P.S. Asuna was adorable as a kid)

Asuna and Yuuki Robot

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Sword Art Online II Episode 21 – Screenshots

Kirito continues being a Gary Stu by slicing magical bullets in half. The man isn’t even a part of the raid, but that doesn’t stop him from showing off! Poor Klein gets shafted by the author every time too. The poor guy is lonely and only gets the top of his head this episode.

Asuna Fighting ALO BossAsuna Yuuki Boss Fight Kirito Cutting magic SAO Sleeping Knights Guild Asuna Yuuki Yuuki eleven hit combo

Sword Art Online II Episode 20 – Screenshots

We dive deeper into the Mother Rosario arc and I must say, I’m loving Asuna taking the lead. Honestly, how much character development can Kirito possibly go through, when he’s already the harem master and god of games? Now his previously neglected, first girl of his harem, gets the spotlight! Although, it wouldn’t be Sword Art Online without Kirito, so he does try to steal the spotlight at the end of the show! Anyways, enjoy the screencaps, I personally love Yuuki’s character design!

Asuna Shocked SAO

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Sword Art Online II Episode 18 – Screencaps

Kirito finally takes Asuna out on a date! After she departs, they go back to their weekly online meetings. Asuna can finally relive her dream from SAO, by owning that quiet little log cabin by the lake with Kirito. It’s almost as if her and Kirito were the parents, and all of these other girls are their children. Although… slightly disturbing children who all lust after Kirito…

Asuna ALO Avatar

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Sword Art Online II Episode 17 – Screencaps

Andddd we’re finally done! It feels like forever since I’ve watched Sword Art, but that’s mainly because we had a solid month of laid back episodes. First we had a recap, and then we had this Excalibur arc where there is no real antagonist. Either way, I’m glad that we’re finally going to begin moving forward, even though there aren’t too many episodes left. Oh, and Kirito should probably watch himself before one of his cheerleaders go full yandere…

Asuna Yui Healing

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Sword Art Online II Episode 16 – Screencaps

We get some pretty sick fight scenes this episode. Kirito continues to tear things up with his ghetto rigged dual wielding technique. Poor Klein reveals his true desires to fall in love and meet the one. It probably doesn’t help that Kirito parades around with hoards of women at his beck and call. At least he can potentially find true love with this NPC!

ALO Frejya

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