Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – Post Thoughts

I’ve had this series on my back burner for months now but this past week I finally managed to find the time to sit down and complete the series. I figured that I would just post about some of my general thoughts on the series and what aspects I enjoyed and didn’t. Be warned that this may contain SPOILERS so proceed with caution if you have not finished the series yet and don’t want to have it spoiled!

Synopsis from Myanimelist:

The premise of the project is the 70% possibility that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake will occur in Tokyo in the next 30 years. The anime depicts what would happen if an 8.0 earthquake took place.The story centers on Mirai, a middle school freshman girl who goes to Tokyo’s artificial Odaiba Island for a robot exhibition with her brother Yuuki at the start of summer vacation. A powerful tremor emanates from an ocean trench, the famed Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge crumble and fall, and the landscape of Tokyo changes in an instant. With the help of a motorcycle delivery woman named Mari who they meet on Odaiba, Mirai and Yuuki strive to head back to their Setagaya home in western Tokyo.”