Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 12 Screenshots

Another anime comes to a close this week. Thankfully, the Tokyo Ghoul franchise has been gaining popularity since the anime aired so there are even more new adaptations to come. Can’t say I enjoyed it as much as the manga, but Root A certainly did have it’s moments, especially when it came to the music and animation. Check out my full review on Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

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Kimi Uso Episode 22 (Final) Screenshots

Seasons continue to change, whether we like it or not. It’s up to us to continue moving forward in life. A beautiful ending to a beautiful series, Your Lie In April will go down in my top 10 list. It would have been nice to see where their lives take them, but perhaps that’s better left to your imagination, or saved for another story. You can check out my full review on the episode and the anime here.

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Kiseijuu Episode 23 Screenshots

Looking back, they’ve been setting up this fight since the beginning of the series. All of the little details to the parasite’s weaknesses and ways to counter them had been touched on through previous encounters. This episode was pretty much the climax though, so I wonder what they’ll do next week to tie up everything.

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Spring 2015 Anime Series

Here’s a visual display of the majority of the series I’ll be following for the spring season. There’s a lot of amazing shows lined up and very few shows are continuing into the spring season. This means we get all new anime to look forward to! I did a brief rundown of my thoughts and expectations of the Spring anime season which you can read here. Continue reading

Kiseijuu Episode 22 Screenshots

Well things kicked off rather quickly. Within seconds, Gotou is already on the hunt, within minutes, the fight is already over with the loss of our little friend. Migi definitely developed to the point where he could be considered a human based on his emotional attachment to the world and Shinichi.

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