Fall 2013 – Week 7 Thoughts and Impressions

We’re now into week 7 of the Fall 2013 season! The end is approaching for many shows but at the same time we a lot of two-cour shows as well that will carry on into the winter season. I’ll do a series of post within the next few days to share my mid-season impressions on all the shows that I’m currently watching since I don’t really have enough to write about them on a weekly basis. Anyways, this week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Monogatari Series: Second Season episode 20, Samurai Flamenco episode 6Kill la Kill episode 7, and White Album episode 7.

mayoi hachikuji episode 20

Monogatari Series: Second Season – Okay while this show technically is a summer 2013 series, it was two-cour and continued into the fall season. With that said, I didn’t really discuss about it in the past because I didn’t feel emotionally involved or anything based on the first few arcs (weren’t my favourite characters). However, this past episode just blew me away completely. Hachikuji’s interactions with Araragi were always my favourite part of the show, just the way they go back and forth with witty comments, or their affection for each other. I was expecting this to be a more Shinobu focused arc since her name was in the title so I was not expecting this outcome until mid way through the episode. Hachikuji and Araragi’s final conversation was very heart felt and showed how much they meant to each other. You could hear Hachikuji’s voice breaking more and more as Araragi’s voice showed more desperation as the conversation progressed.

You can watch Monogatari Series: Second Season on Daisuki (May not be available in all regions)

The overall directing was perfect for these final scenes as well, with the panned out shots as they talked along with the beautiful piano piece that played in the background. I thought it was fitting in the end for them to depart with a kiss and Hachikuji’s signature line (slight variation) “My apologies, I bit your tongue” along with her telling Araragi that she’s always loved him. This scene just hit me like a truck and actually made me unable to fall asleep for sometime as I had to process all these emotions and what I just watched. I couldn’t even watch another series to pass the time because of how much that episode had impacted me.

Samurai flamenco episode 6

Samurai Flamenco – It looks like the more popular Flamenco becomes, the more people want him unmasked or stopped. Even though his goal is to prevent crime and fight evil, if things continue progressing this way, he’ll be bringing more evil to the city by having people committing crimes in order to get to him. I found it really fitting for his character to use office supplies as his “weapons”. Masayoshi’s way of fighting crime did not align with Mari’s violent way which was why they parted ways in the first place. Had he actually been given real weapons, then he would be no different from her as well as the violent criminals. The characters for Samurai Flamenco have really been growing on me as well. Masayoshi’s continued faith in humanity makes it difficult to even think badly of him since he’s kind to everyone. Goto’s loyalty to his girlfriend and stern attitude also impressed me. I’m also surprised that the rest of the idol girls ended up tagging along with Mari since I thought they would just do it as an entertainment related thing rather than join the actual crime fighting.

You can watch Samurai Flamenco on Crunchyroll. (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

Kill la Kill episode 7 Ryuuko

Kill La Kill – This was probably my favourite episode so far of the series. We get to see the importance of friends and family as well as how easily it is to be blinded by power and money. Ryuuko has no real family left but loved how Mako’s family had taken her in despite not being well off themselves. As they make their way up the ranks for the school clubs, the more money and power they gained. They began to throw away their old values and became obsessed with the money and how they could basically have everything they wanted. Despite that though, it seemed like every single one of them were getting more depressed with all of that money. However, in the end friendship always prevails and we all learn a valuable lesson that money does not buy happiness. When you have little or nothing, there isn’t anything you can fight over, the more you have, the more there is to fight about.

You can watch Kill La Kill on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

White album 2 Touma

White Album 2 – So we finally get to the big build up since the first episode, the school festival. I fell in love with this show after hearing White Album being sung my Setsuna on day one so I was thrilled to hear her sing it once again for the festival. Sound of Destiny was really well done and Haruki nailed that guitar solo. The majority of the episode was dedicated to the performances but they did show some flash backs as the music played which I felt really emphasize all that the three of them went through to lead up to this performance. After the show, Touma’s and Haruki’s conversation made it clear how he felt about Touma and Setsuna. Considering Touma as someone she wanted to befriend while Setsuna was someone she idolized which was painful for Touma to hear. However, another way to look at it is that relationships shouldn’t be about a gap between the two people, but rather a couple who are equal and treat each other like best friends is likely to be more successful. Either way, the drama is about to unfold between the group with Setsuna being quick on her feet and taking the first step.

You can watch White Album 2 on Crunchyroll (Free users have to wait an extra week to watch the newest episodes, may not be available in all regions)

There were a lot of other great episodes this week but unfortunately I don’t have the time to cover them all. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Fall 2013 season so far and giving my impressions on the series I’m currently watching later on in the week.

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