Fall 2013 – Week 6 Thoughts and Impressions

Alright so this post is a day late since I’ve been busy with assignments for school as well as the end of Season 3 for LoL (last minute climb). Anyways, I finally had the time to catch up on the majority of my series so I can share my thoughts for week 6. The shows I chose to write on this week were Kill La Kill episode 6, Golden Time episode 6, Valvrave S2 episode 5, and Samurai Flamenco episode 5.

Kill la Kill episode 6

Kill La Kill – This episode showed a lot of character development for both Ryuuko and Sanageyama. Both of them at the start of this episode were pretty cocky in their strength (Ryuuko relying fully on Kamui while Sanageyama relied fully on his eyes). However, once Sanageyama lost the match, he worked hard to improve on his weaknesses to become stronger while Ryuuko stayed complacent based another victory for her. Ryuuko finally realizes that she isn’t some god (at the moment anyways) and can actually be defeated even with her Kamui. I’m interested to see how the pacing for this series will work out now with it being a 2-cour show. They showed the power gap between her at the moment and the elites along with introducing outside parties who will get involved in the future. Anyways, I look forward to next week’s episode since the last two really revitalized my interest in Kill La Kill.

Golden time episode 6

Golden Time – So the drama begins… The flashback in the beginning gave us some more insight on Banri’s life prior to his accident which showed signs of his insecurity and fear of being forgotten or left behind. You could feel throughout this episode, Banri’s frustration growing every time Kouko emphasized them being friends and taking him for granted. As soon as she was with Mitsuo she completely ignored Banri as if he didn’t exist again and even when they were together, she would always talk about Mitsuo despite knowing how he felt. At the end it looks like Kouko finally understood that Banri wouldn’t stick around for that nonsense and pursued him before she lost him. While Linda on the other hand in the past was in a somewhat similar position but took too long and ended up losing him.

An additional note I had about this series is that it’s a bit annoying that they censored out all of the drinking parts since it makes some of their behaviour confusing when it could easily be explained by just saying they were intoxicated.

valvrave episode 5

Valvrave S2 – Being Haruto must be tough. Watching those he cares about suffering because of his actions. L-Elf is one cunning man as well,knowing Haruto’s conscious about causing everyone to suffer, and exploiting it to manipulate Haruto into his plans. L-Elf also vents some of his frustrations. Even though he’s a super human who has very high intellect and strategic capabilities, he still has to rely on others to make use of it due to his incompatibility with the valvraves.

samurai flamenco episode 6

Samurai Flamenco – It was nice to see Masayoshi strengthen his resolve and stick to his values rather than go along with everyone else. Mari’s form of justice completely went against what he had believed in. At the same time, being on set for the super hero filming, he came to the realization that the shows he had looked up to were nothing more than just a form of entertainment. The director didn’t seem to care at all about what a super hero was but rather he just wanted to get things done as efficiently as possible. Thankfully, Masayoshi gets a heartwarming letter from his grandfather that reaffirms his values and to continue in fighting for what he believes in.

That concludes my thoughts on this week’s anime. There were a lot of other shows that I watched but these are the ones that stuck out the most for me this past week. Some additional notes I’ll add though is that White Album 2 continues to impress me and is building up to an inevitable conflict between the characters in the next few episodes. NouCome continues to make me smile every time with how silly and refreshing the show is.

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